Marine Installations

Specialist installers of marine toilets, airconditioning and refrigeration units.

Our friendly and reliable approach means you'll always feel in control when installing new marine equipment on your boat.

At AHI Marine we regularly install new modern and best-in-class marine equipment in the recreational boat industry to boat owners looking to keep their vessel up to date with the latest kit. Our Team has over 20 years experience in the installation of marine toilet systems, airconditioning and refrigeration units and more, ensuring you're always experiencing the best.

Conveniently located at The Boatworks on the northern end of the Gold Coast AHI Marine is shore-side ready to upgrade the systems on your boat to maximise comfort, help protect the environment and ensure many years of enjoyable boating.

Catamarans or monohulls?

We install marine equipment on both catamarans and monohulls. We can accomodate vessels anywhere from 30ft - 100ft making use of marine cranes and hardstands.

Looking for an upgrade?

Many marine systems shipped out of the factory quickly become out of date with new products emerging all the time. AHI Marine is always on side to discuss your upgrade and installation requirements. We are always happy to advise on options available, create a plan for getting your boat out of the water if necessary and provide simple next steps.

Marine Toilets

Although often overlooked on the boat upgrade sheet, having the latest marine toilet technology is in fact essential. It is often the small things that count at sea to ensure comfort and a pleasurable cruising experience.

Located at the Boatworks in Coomera on the Gold Coast, we install a range of the latest state-of-the-art 12V marine toilets including Sanimarin Saniflow and Blakes Lavac with electric automatic flushing capability.

Benefits of the latest marine toilets.

The latest marine toilets use less water and electricity, are much quieter and are better for the environment. By using electric automatic flushing and no longer using hand pumps you increase hygiene levels aboard too which creates a more sophisticated sailing experience.

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